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Full Sail Slipknot Reserve ’09


Here is another reserve series beer from Full Sail. This is an Imperial India Pale Ale. Imperial comes from the Russian Imperial Stout, which was supposedly brewed back in the 1800’s to win over a Russian Czar, but the term is now often used to mean double, or a whole lot more of something. Generally, it’s meaning is for alcohol, but I understand that some breweries also use the term to mean more hops or malt as well.

Imperial India Pale Ale. 7.8% ABV. 80 IBUs. Oregon.

Amber/coppery color, with a decent white foamy head

Very hoppy, with lots of citrus coming through and some pine, but not much else going on.

Lower carbonation on the mouth, with a fairly thick feel.

Lots of upfront hops bringing with it a ton of citrus, which I like, and a bit of piney/pine cone thing going on. Lots of bitterness!

A little unbalanced, with too much bitterness, and not an amazing flavor profile to set itself a part from most IPA’s. Not bad, but I’d go elsewhere. 87 points.

What was the last “Imperial” you have drank?

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