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Full Sail LTD Series Recipe 03


Full Sail LTD Recipe 03

Originating from the town of Pilsen, Czech Republic, Pilsners are pale lagers with a distinct hop character and golden in color. Here is another limited edition lager from Full Sail, recipe 03.

Pilsner. 5.6% ABV. Oregon.

Golden, yellow in color, with no head.

Actually a pretty hoppy nose with some malts coming through. The nose is pretty similar to the 02 recipe. A bit of citrus fruit in it as well, lemon especially.

A little thicker in the mouth than you would normally expect in a lager/pilsner, but decent carbonation giving it a very sessionable quality.

A full flavored pilsner, with the hops coming through quite a bit, but still balanced with malt. Very sessionable. Definitely get a dose of lemon and citrus on the palate, and has a bit of bitterness, but not enough to turn a lot of people off.

Another great limited edition lager from Full Sail. Please grab a sixer of this instead of bud light or something of that nature, this is so much better. I don’t like it quite as much as the 02 recipe, though. 88 points.

What are you doing this summer? Any plans, projects, things to drink?

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