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Full Sail LTD Series Recipe 02


You don’t see too many craft brewers putting out lagers. I think might be the first lager I’ve actually reviewed on my blog. To clarify what a lager is, it is a beer brewed with bottom fermenting yeast, as opposed to an ale, brewed with top fermenting yeast. Lagers are also brewed at much colder temperatures, and this keeps the beer from producing by-products, and allows for much “cleaner” type of beer. Also keep in mind that you can “lager” both lagers and ales. Lagering actually means “to store” in German, and refers to age or store in colder, cellar type conditions.

Pale Lager. 6.4% ABV. Oregon.

Golden color, with a twinge of orange in there and no head.

Hops come through a bit on the nose and it’s pretty grassy. Some malts coming through just a bit as well.

Very lagerish mouthfeel, but actually fairly thick with lots of carbonation.

Hops and malts are prominent on the palate. Very flavorful, and very low bitterness. A bit grassy, and very well balanced.

I don’t normally drink lagers, but I’ve been drinking this one for awhile. It’s that good. Very refreshing, but full flavored and balanced. The way a lager should taste. 90 points.

What is your favorite lager? (Keep in mind that if you drink Bud, Miller, Coors, or anything of that sort you are drinking a lager).

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