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Sierra Nevada Torpedo


Sierra Nevada is one of the better “macro” type craft brewers around. Their pale ale is a classic and a standard, but produce many good beers. The Torpedo has some interesting hops. They use Magnum hops for bittering, which were bred in 1980 from a cross of German and American hops. They then use Magnum and Crystal hops for finishing. Crystal hops, born in 1993, are similar to Hallertau, but said to be spicier. And they use, both of those, as well as, Citra hops for dry hopping. Dry hopping is when hops are added after the wort has boiled. I couldn’t find much information on Citra hops, but I read on a Beer Advocate forum that it is a new strain of hops that only one or two breweries are using.

India Pale Ale. 7.2% ABV. 70 IBUs. California.

Amber in color, with large bubbles in the head, which don’t last too long, but good lacing.

Obviously hoppy with grapefruit, grass, and pine on the nose.

fairly light, and crisp mouthfeel, with good carbonation.

The palate reveals grapefruit, pine, grass, and bitterness for days on the back, with a hint of malt. A very balanced effort, with no notice of the 7.2% ABV. After drinking it for awhile, I’m getting some lemon coming through now.

Pretty good IPA, despite the 70 IBUs, they don’t overpower my palate, surprisingly enough, with some sweetness to balance it out. Probably one of the better, cheaper IPAs around. 88 points.

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