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Unibroue Don De Dieu


I got my hands on another refermented wheat beer. Just for you that don’t know, bottle refermentation (also known as bottle conditioned) means that a secondary fermentation, by adding yeast or just by keeping the beer unfiltered with yeast still in it, occurs in the bottle. If the bottle comes with a cage over the cork, it will be a bottle conditioned beer. Unibroue seems to make most, if not all of their beers, bottle fermented, and even, at least, one of their beers is triple fermented.

Triple Wheat Ale. 9.0% ABV. Canada

This beer has a nice cloudy golden color with a nice head.

The nose on this gives me a pretty yeasty, wheaty smell. I get a bit of the cigarette smoke, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and apples.

Fairly carbonated but soft mouthfeel.

The 9% ABV comes through, a bit, on back end. Yeast, vanilla, apples also appear on the palate. Slightly bitter back end.

This is a pretty damn good beer, but the alcohol on the back bothers me a little. It’s a complex beer, but after drinking several Unibroue’s, they all seem to have a very similar characteristic, derived from the yeast/bottle conditioning, I think. 87 Points.

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