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Abita Turbodog


This beer is considered a brown ale everywhere I looked, but I would pretty much put it in the porter category. It’s a super dark brown, almost black looking beer. It has hops, but is all malt driven.

Brown Ale (Porter). 5.6% ABV. 28 IBUs.

Again it is very dark brown. Keeps kind of crème, but no head other than that, and just a little lacing.

The nose is all kinds of chocolate with little hits of cola and toffee. It has a very sweet and malty nose.

It has a little carbonation. It struck me as very Cola like in the mouth, but with less carbonation.

On the palate. it is all chocolate again. Malty characters with a bit of a bitter back end. I get kind of a burnt meat component if you know what I mean, with charcoal on the back end.

All in all, I think the Turbodog is an okay beer.  If you like chocolate, you will probably like this beer, and it is certainly lighter and sweeter than stouts if you are looking for a dose of chocolate.  Unfortunately, I think that’s pretty much all this beer brings to the table, pretty one dimensional and boring. I’ll give it an 81.

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